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Do Casinos Cheat?

Both land-based and online casinos offer players some of the best experiences in the world. But as much as we love to play them, there are times when can’t help but wonder if casino cheat us or not.

So, do casino cheat ornot?

Well to be honest, casinos do not cheat. What we think we mightbe cheating the casinos do is actually what we call the casino house edge. And if we are correct, then the next question that you have in mind is what casino house edge is?

Well, the casino house is the built in advantage that the casino will always have over the player. This is such that, no matter what you do or rather what you may try todo, the casino will somehowalways have a head start.

Why the casino house edge?

According to, the reason why casinos, both land based and online have the casino house edge is so that they can make money. As much as online and land-based casinos are where we go to have fun, they are also business places. And like every place of business, these places need to make a bit of money at the end of the day. And to make that money, there will be the house edge.

Doesthat mean I can never against the casino?

No, you can. The house edge will vary according to the bet that you make or according to the game that you will play. There will be some online slots or games were you find a 1% house edge and there are some games that will have a 25% house edge. This is why there are some games where you can actually win against even with the house edge and there are some where you don’t even stand a chance. However, to note is that even in those games where you can win against the house, you need to know it will not be an everyday thing.