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Texas Holdem Poker

The goal of the Texas Holdem card game is to win a poker hand by forming a hand of five cards. Most often, you use one or both hole cards to form the winning hand. You can only form the hand of the five common cards on the poker table.

If you want to use both of your hole cards, the hand is formed by these two cards and by three of the cards that are common to all Texas Holdem players. If you use one of your hole cards, the hand is formed by this card and by four of the cards that are common to all online marketing players. If the best possible hand is formed by the five common cards that are on the table after all the playing stages, your poker hand is formed by these five cards.

The player can win the ongoing Texas Holdem hand even before the game's final stage during any of the game's previous stages without showing their own cards, e.g. by betting so that the other players participating in the hand fold.

In all cash poker games of the same type as Texas Holdem, 2-10 players can participate (as well as a virtual dealer), and at each table you play with a deck of 52 cards. In Texas Holdem Tournament type poker games, the minimum number of players is two, but the maximum number can be even thousands.

Important concepts and game guide

Before we continue with our Texas Holdem guide, it is important to present all important concepts. Without understanding these, it is not worthwhile to read on. We introduce new poker concepts during our review of how the game works in our game guide - from the very beginning until it's time to see who has won the game.

Darkness (Darkness)

The first two players sitting directly after the dealer button (not the virtual dealer) on the left must place a dark on the table before the cards are dealt. The purpose of this is to ensure that all winning hands win money.

Hole cards

After the blinds are placed on the table online casino it, the first cards are dealt. Each player receives two cards face down. These cards are called hole cards. When viewed from the side, each player can review their cards by clicking on them and placing them back on the table by clicking them again. When viewed from above, the cards are always visible.

Then, three common cards are dealt in the middle of the table with the clothed side facing up. This game phase is also called the flop. The common cards can be used by all players to form the best possible hand.

Of every poker hand played at least up to the flop, a so-called. the house's share (rake), which is the player organizer's fee for maintaining the game. More detailed information about the house's share for different game levels and shapes can be found on the game supplier's pages about rake.


After the second round of betting, the fourth joint card is dealt in the center of the table with the clothed side facing up. This card is also called Turn. Then follows the third round of betting.


Finally, the fifth and final joint card is given. The card is called River and is followed by the fourth and final betting round.


After the last betting round you will see which player has the best hand with five cards. To form the best possible hand, players may use any combination of their own hole cards and the joint cards. The player with the best hand with five cards wins the pot. In rare cases, the best hand can consist of only common cards. Then the pot is shared between all players who participated in Showdown.